History : The organization was established in 1984 as a not-for-profit shelter under the name of Live Oak/Suwannee County Humane Society, for the first ten years volunteers worked out of their homes. In 1996 we acquired our first shelter building on North Houston Street, Live Oak. As the shelter expanded and needed more space to house the many homeless animals we purchased affordable property in Lee and renovated an old greyhound site in April of 2002 and opened our doors at the present shelter on July 16, 2002. As we are currently servicing five counties: Suwannee, Hamilton, Lafayette, Madison, and Columbia, we changed our name to Suwannee Valley Humane Society in July of 2002. We are privately funded through donations, on-site thrift stores, nursery plant sales, and fund raising events. All are welcome to visit during regular hours to view the new shelter and its potential for growth, our healthy adorable animals, their comfortable shelter home and their general well being.
This is our first shelter on Houston Street. We were here from 1996 till 2001
This is the new
Suwannee Valley Humane Society  We have done a lot of improvements on the buildings since we purchased it in April of 2002.
These are our Thrift Stores. In the beginning when we were in Live Oak we had sidewalk sales to help raise money for the care and up keep of the shelter and animals. Now with the new shelter in Madison, we have Thrift Stores for the public to shop at five days a week. All proceeds from these stores goes directly back into the shelter and care of the animals. These stores are taken care of by volunteers. All items up for sale have been donated by the public. We also have a Nursery onsite for plant sales. The Nursery & yard is maintained by volunteers. Again all proceeds from the Nursery go directly back to the shelter.